Protect Adjunct Professor Rodriguez Now!


By FEAS Frente Hermanas Amor y Solidaridad

We-scholars, artists, students, colleagues, and individuals who respect, love, and care for Professor Shellyne Rodriguez-stand in solidarity with her and denounce the right-wing doxxing strategies weaponized against her and other victims of these harassment strategies...

We stand in solidarity with Professor Rodriguez and call our communities to recognize and reject this right-wing campaign...

We demand an end to the harassment and an immediate retraction of purposefully spread misinformation from media outlets...

We view the response of Hunter College and the media to this incident with alarm and denounce the harmful effects of doxxing practices that target the most vulnerable...

Professor Rodriguez's original action, i.e. confronting Students For Life of America, showed care for her students...

We ask our communities to stay alert of these harassment strategies and stand in solidarity with Black women, adjunct professors, and all people without job security who are the majority and most vulnerable victims of right-wing doxxing strategies.

Stand With Shellyne Rodriguez, Hunter Adjunct Standing Up Against Anti-Abortion Misinformation!

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